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  • Invest in real estate opportunities starting from £50 GBP
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  • Become a 'Champion' with our Crowd to Live® scheme
  • Acquire your dream home without debt
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Crowdfunding enables all levels of investors and project owners to meet. At MercyCrowd we offer you an innovative and ethical way of realising real estate investments and project funding through an inclusive, debt free, 100% equity-based approach.

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Security section

We are regulated by the UK financial supervisory authority, therefore, we do abide by strict rules and regulation when dealing with investors. When you invest on MercyCrowd, your money is securely transferred and channelled via our platform towards the related dedicated ring fenced project account.

Each and every project as got his own dedicated account. Furthermore, your money and the platform’s money are kept in separate accounts, giving you peace of mind that your funds are being transparently and safely managed.

Our payment service provider MangoPay is trusted by more than 1,500 platforms worldwide for over EUR 200 million of transactions in 2015. Managing the secure handling of your data and transactions is our No. 1 priority. We also ensure all our services such as refunds remain simple and straightforward. You are further protected with proven anti-fraud and anti-money laundering methodologies.

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