Mercy Crowd

The MercyCrowd team has over 30 years of international experience in ethical financing acquired around the globe from Canada to Singapore.

Real estate backed investment

We only arrange financing for real estate properties.

Debt Free

We believe in a partnership model without debt.


To ensure alignment of interest the platform is co-investing with sponsors.

Your money is secure

As a FCA regulated company your money and the platform money are in separate accounts.


The platform has the ambition to be used by the many and fight financial exclusion.

Low fee structure

The platform has one of the lowest fee structures in the market.
  • Patio Vaillant, France

    Serviced residence for seniors, located in the city of Bordeaux

    Price125 850 €
    Minimum Investment50 €
    Annual Return4.23%
    Annual Rent5 410 €
  • Carree Amboise, France

    A student residence, located in the city of Clermont Ferrand

    Price68 200 €
    Minimum Investment50 €
    Annual Return4.05%
    Annual Rent2 760 €
  • Koenig Park, France

    Located on the historical site of the Old Forges of Strasbourg

    Price120 000 €
    Minimum Investment50 €
    Annual Return4.85%
    Annual Rent5 820 €