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Mercy Crowd facilitates access to real estate investment and financing through unique inclusive solutions.

100% Equity Based Platform:

We believe in a partnership model without debt as conventional lending create an unhealthy relationship where objectives are quite often opposite to the interest of investors. Therefore all of the transactions are 100% cash purchase without leverage on any sort. 

Real estate backed investment:

All of the proposed transactions are backed by residential real estate assets. Your money will be used to buy completed or close to completion stock. You don’t take any construction risk or risk of default from the developer.

Hassle Free:

Once you have invested and the transactions complete you don’t have to be involved in the operation of the letting and property management process. A team of professionals will take care of it all. You will have access to all the reports with your personalised dashboard.

Socially responsible:

We believe that any business should have a positive impact on society. As we are in the real estate business we think it’s our duty to help homeless people locally. This is why we commit to pay 2.5% of our profit to charities working with homeless families and that we will support such charities in any way we can.


We are committed to promote a responsible partnership risk sharing approach. The platform and its shareholders commit to invest in all the deals available on the platform, making sure that our objectives are aligned with yours.

Low fee Structure:

To ensure that you maximise your return MercyCrowd does not charge any upfront fee. The only fee payable on the platform will be charged by our payment provider to transfer funds but such fees will only be charged once a transaction is completed.

Joining Mercy Crowd is simple, fast and completely free.

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