Who We Are

So who are we? Well, MercyCrowd is owned and operated by Elite Crowdfunding Limited, which is part of Elite Group. Several socially responsible companies make up Elite Group, operating in sectors such as property brokerage, professional training & consulting franchise, and transport. With offices as far reaching as London, Paris and Doha, Elite Group is truly international. MercyCrowd prides itself on being the first crowdfunding platform in the industry to offer to finance your property purchase, without debt. We do this through our Crowd to Live scheme®. 

Our goal is to offer innovative and socially responsible investing solutions to as many people as possible (not just the top 5%). The MercyCrowd team has over 30 years experience in ethical financing. We’ve acquired this experience around the globe, from Canada to Singapore.

What We Do

MercyCrowd is unique in the field of property crowdfunding. We offer an alternative to conventional financial intermediation. We also aim to be inclusive. We match the needs of property investors to property project owners. We do this through a socially responsible, interest-free, low-risk investment approach and through our donations we foster socially responsible projects. Offering dedicated solutions through our Crowd to Live scheme, POP and donations, we are able to cover these projects.

What We Believe In

We believe finance as any other step in our lives should be ethical and socially responsible. As such while setting up Mercycrowd we strived to realize the following ethical and economic attributes. Read more

MercyCrowd Ethics


Finance in today’s word is understood as synonymous to debt, interest and injustice. We believe that an alternative is possible to the present financial intermediation system. MercyCrowd delivers to you unique solutions to realise you investment and fund raising projects. MercyCrowd is the first platform to offer to finance individuals’ property purchase without debt, via the Crowd to Live® scheme.


We believe in granting access to financial services to all. Our aim is to eliminate economic distress and promote welfare in our society as a whole.


We promote fairness in dealing with others, looking for win-win approaches rather than benefiting from others’ disadvantages.

Socially Responsible

We believe each individual has value in their community and their society. Welfare is the responsibility of every one of us. MercyCrowd promotes donations and commits to donating a set percentage of its profits to charities on a yearly basis.

MercyCrowd Economics

Real Assets

We believe sustainable growth can only stem from real assets that generate real increments and tangible benefits to society. At MercyCrowd, we only arrange to fund these properties.

Debt Free And Low Fee Structure

In our view, debt is NOT a healthy way to drive commercial and business relationships in our economy. Debt does not create any real value. MercyCrowd has one of the lowest fee structures in the market.

Risk Sharing And Co Investing

We are committed to promoting a responsible partnership, with a risk-sharing approach. Risk sharing should always be in place to guarantee equity in capital arrangements. That’s how we structured all of our products to ensure alignment of interest. MercyCrowd co-invests with sponsors.

Secure And Hassel Free

Your money is secure. We are a FCA regulated company, and your money and the platform’s money are kept in separate accounts. We take care of everything: from legal & notary issues to payment & property management.

Our Management Team


Anouar Adham

Chief Executive Officer 


Justin Robertson

UK Country Manager


James Harvie

Investment and Acquisition Analyst


Yoanna Ivanova

Head of Legal and Compliance


new staff

Investment and Acquisition Analyst


new staff



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