We offer access to property investment through unique solutions using the power of the crowd.


MercyCrowd only deals in equity. This means there is no loan, no interest payments and no debt.

Invest in Bricks and Mortar

Feel reassured that your money is tied to physical property. MercyCrowd never considers homes before construction has started.

Hassle Free

Enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without having to worry about property management. MercyCrowd takes care of everything.

Socially Responsible

MercyCrowd is committed to having a positive impact on society. That is why we guarantee to donate 2.5% of our profits to charities working with homeless families.


MercyCrowd invests in each property on our platform. This helps to demonstrate that our interests are aligned with other investors.

Competitive Fees

MercyCrowd’s fees are always highly competitive. You are only charged when an investment is completed.

Joining Mercy Crowd is simple, fast and completely free.

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