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Once completed, one of the MercyCrowd Team will be in touch to request further details and to discuss your opportunity.
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Why should you become an affiliate?

Help us provide a dynamic and unique ecosystem that investors can rely on. If you are a surveyor, solicitor,
estate agent, tradesperson or are involved in the property process in any way, you can become an affiliate.

 How does it work?

Once you register as an affiliate you become part of the MercyCrowd community, we recommend you as a trusted
MercyCrowd partner. (For example: if you are a tax solicitor and we have a client seeking tax advice, we will refer them
 to you as a MercyCrowd partner.) The first consultation would be free, as we seek to provide a better all around service
 to users, any further consultation after this would be up to you and the user. In exchange, as an affiliate, you will also refer
people on to us if they are interested in investing in properties.

You benefit by receiving promotion and referrals from us and we benefit from receiving your expert advice in the
form of articles and consultations and reciprocal referrals.